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- Avoid drinking alcohol

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Avoid drinking alcohol Studies of the Faculty of Medicine Harvard University indicated that drinkers who are women and have a relative with breast cancer. Is likely to be no danger of breast tumors than those who do not drink alcohol are more than twice as much. Researchers suggest reducing alcohol consumption in order to reduce the risk of breast cancer, the less the most Katherine Burton key leader of the group, the researchers said. Adolescent girls and young women who have had a family member diagnosed with breast cancer, stating that "should realize that. Alcohol May increase the risk of breast tumors are non hazardous. I could develop breast cancer at a later date. " 11. But to drink red wine Green Tea Plus กรีนทีพลัส kio plus ไคโอพลัส เฮง เฮง อาหารเสริม Macha Detox มาช่า ดีท็อก คาร์บีบ๊อกพิงค์ Car B Bock Pink Amado อมาโด้ กาแฟวันแฟน Snail White สเนลไวท์ Ex Day เอ็กซ์เดย์ Seoul Secret Collagen โซลซีเครท ยาเกร็กคู ครีมเรชิ Rayshi ซันคลาร่าพลัส Sunclara Plus Yuri By Seoul Secret ยูริ ลดน้ำหนัก Hyli Gold ไฮลี่โกลด์ Although alcohol will make the risk of breast cancer more. But researchers from the Medical Center of North Sea - Sinai. In downtown Los Angeles, Los Angeles, said. Red wine give the opposite effect. Their study found that chemicals in the skins and seeds reduces estrogen levels, and increased levels of Tesco's production and function in women who are in the age before the end of the month. This reduces the risk of breast cancer as well. 12. Adding flax seed. Scientists claim that the seeds Flax reduces the risk of death from breast cancer in later life by up to 40 percent seed, flax and other grains and some vegetables are Hormones. The estrogen called Malignant (lignans), which kill cancer cells and prevent tumor to be followed by inhibiting the growth of new blood vessels that nourish tumors them. 13. Gold Herbs The study found that Natural chemicals found in turmeric and black pepper. Inhibits the growth of breast tumors. Researchers from the Cancer Center University of Michigan (University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center) has brought the Curcumin (curcumin from turmeric) and piperine (black pepper) applied to breast cancer cells. And found that these compounds help stop the ability of stem cells to reproduce more. Which these cells are given the cancer coming back again. Including the spread of cancer And drug resistance in cancer, however, these compounds did not affect the proliferation of normal breast cells.

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